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Call: (541) 999-7280

Follow us on our social channels for our latest updates and leave us a review!

Call: (541) 999-7280

Efficient Septic System Service by Professional Sewer Technicians in Eugene, OR, and All of Western Oregon

Rotex Excavation is experienced and licensed in utility and septic system service in Eugene, OR, and surrounding areas. If your project requires water, sewer, or other underground piping installed, we’ve got you covered.

If you are in need of a new or replacement septic system, Rotex Excavation has years of experience working with sanitation departments, designing, and installing quality septic treatment options. We have installed simple gravity systems to more complex pump systems, including sand filter systems and seepage beds.

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Backed By 27+ Years of Experience

As one of Eugene, OR’s most-trusted septic tank installation contractors, we help homeowners and business owners throughout surrounding areas with installing and maintaining their residential and commercial septic systems.

Regardless of the septic system installation, you need or its size, we can handle the entire process from start to finish. Something that sets our service apart is undoubtedly how we work closely with the county to get approval before each system’s installation. Our expert team of septic system installers makes sure everything is done with the highest quality.

Nevertheless, if you already have a septic system installed, look out for the signs of malfunctioning, such as odor coming from the tank or drain field. If such an issue happens, call us immediately. We will send our team of septic system installers as soon as possible.

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For whatever septic system service you need in Eugene, OR, we are the team to call. We also help clients install sewer taps, water mains, erosion control culverts, storm drainage, power, cable, and phone lines. Get in touch with us today!

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Regardless of the septic system installation you need, we can handle the entire process.

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