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Call: (541) 999-7280

Follow us on our social channels for our latest updates and leave us a review!

Call: (541) 999-7280

Albany, OR

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The knowledgeable excavating contractors of Rotex Excavation are ready to serve you today! Prior to beginning any building or new house development in Albany, OR, you can rely on us to grade and clear your property. Over 27 years of industry experience can be found among our forestry mulchers and excavation contractors. From beginning to end, they are prepared to offer you prompt, competent assistance.


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Our excavation contractors are dedicated to working with superior levels of workmanship. Each project is handled professionally and efficiently; whether you need land clearing, septic tank installation, tree removal, or landscape drainage, we can help you. We’re experts in handling machinery such as a forestry mulcher without causing any damage to your property. Rest easy knowing that we’ll go the extra mile to ensure your project is successful.

Our meticulous method is intended to cause the least amount of soil disturbance possible. Compared to other methods, we use less machinery and produce fewer emissions. By doing this, we can make sure that our mulching protects the environment while producing high-quality outcomes. Regardless of where your property is located, we can handle any size project. Along with performing tree removal and landscape drainage from your site, we will also evaluate the project, estimate the work, and review it.

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The excavating contractors of Rotex Excavation uphold a degree of professionalism, integrity, and excellence that is unmatched by other businesses. We are the ideal choice to successfully handle all of your excavation and mulching requirements thanks to our 27 years of experience as exceptional forestry mulchers. Contact our professionals and make a request for your mulching services if you’re in the area of Albany, OR.